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Mini Multi-Tool

High Sierra(R) Mini Multi-Tool


Twelve function tool includes pliers, two blades, Phillips head screwdriver, three driver bits (2mm-4mm), serrated blade, bottle opener, can opener, wire cutter and file. Includes nylon carrying pouch. This mini multi-tool is an outstanding piece of equipment to have at work because it saves room and it saves you money instead of buying these tools separately. This tool can also be used at your house because you can tighten things if you needed to; also it’s great for opening bottles or cans of any sort. This mini multi-tool is a pronounced promotional product that you can hand out to business owners, customers, employees, or even family members. The mini multi-tool in my opinion is required to take with you on camping or hunting trips because it comes with the attachments: pliers, and many variations of different blades to carve or cut things that are found in the outdoors. This tool is a very durable and reliable product because it’s made out of stainless steel and it’s hard to break. This product is going to last you a lifetime because it’s made in the U.S…