Multifunction Ballpoint Pen with Ruler and Touch Screen pen

Multifunction Ballpoint Pen with Ruler and Touch Screen pen

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The pen that saves you money and space by putting multiple tools into one item!

This tech tool pen, sensitive using for the smart phone or a tablet touch screen. Ball pen, ink color is black, write fluently and durable. Mini Flat-head and screwdriver. Best Price also can be a nice & useful gift gadget! Retractable tip protects pockets and purses and point of pen. Pocket clip lets you secure it when carrying. What makes this item so great is that it is multiple tools and a pen and stylus in one! This item can be used with anything and anywhere! This item is the greatest gift for family members or friends that are into making crafty things and want to save space and money; so you buy them this pen and it saves them money and space by putting it all into one!