Water Spray Hand Fan

Water Spray Hand Fan

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The water spraying hand held fan keeping you cool!

Giving a Water Spray Hand Fan at your next special event as a gift to clients will place your company in a favorable spot in their mind. It can be used for getting cool misty air, hand held cooling, moisture spray and features control switch, in-built humidifier, 2 AA battery (not included), water spray bottle, transparent fan soft blades, thumb activated pump trigger, separate battery compartment which means your brand will have high visibility. This product is great for outside activities when you’re sitting out in the hot sun for a long period of time. I remember a couple years ago when my son used to play in a small tackle football league and he had games every Saturday in the summer. This product was great for those hot summer days and keeping everyone cool because we always had trouble with staying cool on those hot bleachers.