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Old School Files


Holiday season is here and we at Precision Graphics are doing what we can to make orders go as smoothly as possible. Lots of times people ask me,what is the best file format to send a graphic? I always respond in order of preference. Illustrator ai file, fonts to outlines. The next would be pdf, then high res tif then after that give me what you have such as a jpg, gif, hand drawing etc. Vector files are always best. You can take something that is saved 3″ x 3″ and increase it to 12″x12″ and still maintain clarity. You need to be able to do that especially with screen printing on t shirts. The more crisp the artwork is, the better the output. People will tell me, I have electronic files of my artwork. What I receive via email is jpg save at 72 dpi. Which means at 2″x2″ it is clear, but when I blow it up, it looks like a blurry mess. We cannot use those files when printing on promotional merchandise or screen printing on t-shirts. We need the best artwork from the beginning. So, if you are thinking about having screen printing on tshirts done or having your logo put on some mugs, just remember, send me your highest resolution graphic as possible.

Black Friday Graphic Tshirts

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Precision Graphics just upload many new graphic designs & tees. These new graphic shirts are uploaded with Christmas Graphics and Black Friday designs. You can order any one of these as is, or select the design and upload it any any one of our 1000’s of apparel products. This is one of the beauty’s of this program, any design on almost any shirt, size, color, brand and location. So before the big days, order your holiday screen printed shirt or digital printed DTG shirt. You will sure have the coolest look at your Christmas party, Black Friday shopping Day; and yes even Christmas morning as a great stocking suffer gift for you or someone else.

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You Better Believe! Or Else!

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Customer Service with a Smile

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When you walk into a department store or a boutique you expected to be greeted by a friendly member of the staff and immediately asked if you need any help. Well even though we are not a department store like Macy’s, although I think we carry more items, here at Precision Graphics we still expect our customers to feel noticed and comfortable when they walk into our showroom. A simple smile and cheerful greeting can change someone’s attitude in a matter of seconds and that is what you receive when you walk through our showroom doors. It is easy to forget how much those little gestures mean to people until you have a really horrible experience at a company. I have helped many a customer that has come into our showroom and they had felt like other processes were so impersonal and they were happy to be able to sit down with a person and get their order done. The biggest part to our success is giving every customer the easiest and most enjoyable experience we can provide. Everything we produce is completely unique to each customer so each person that walks through our doors has a different goal or project for us to produce. Here at Precision Graphics we have printed everything from uniforms for sports teams to shirts that have appeared on The Price is Right and everything in between! So the next time you need something printed and a great customer service experience come to Precision Graphics or give us a call and we would love to help you with a smile!

Graphic Designer Secrets!

Best files to get your art looking the way you want.

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Art files come in a variety of sizes, and types. I’m here today to pass along some info about art files that will benefit you, your finished product, and me your designer. These following recommended files and not so recommended files will insure that you get the results you desire when it comes to your men’s woven dress shirt, or promotional product such as, custom retractable badge holder.

There are a few files that I recommend that would save a lot of time and make the process move along smoothly. These files include Adobe Illustrator files (.ai, .eps) , Photoshop files (.psd), and Hi-Resolution JPGs, or TIFFs(150 dpi and above). I also recommend getting the font names of all your text.

These next files are time consuming and a bit of a challenge to work with, although I can make them work, just not as smoothly. These include Word Document files(.doc), Powerpoint files(.ppt), small GIFs, PNGs, and JPGs. I understand not everyone has access to the recommended files or may not have the info on saving these files, but I am always here to help and get the art you need to make your products look their best.

Funny T-Shirt Designs

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Once Again AZ Precision Graphics Highly Educated Graphic Department Came Up With A Funny, Dirty, Crazy, and Right To The Point Great Graphic Tshirt Designs. My Favorite One Is A Shirt That Says “ I’ve Got Your Back t-Shirts. ” As You Will See Below A Sample Of Them Along With Links To See Them On Our Product. Our Build Your Own Shirt Program Let You See These Designs and Many More Of Them On Our Entire Product Line. Not Only On The Color Shown But These Graphic Tee Designs Are Captured On Every Color, With A Click Of Your Mouse. Wow Isn’t This Great Computer Internet Software! This Makes It Extremely Easy For You The Customer To See All Your Options Before Placing That Order, That We Thank You For. Precision Graphics Over The Last 31 Years Has Been Striving To Improve Making It Easier To Order Custom Graphics T-Shirts, Custom Promotional Products, Such As Custom Logo Golf Balls, Custom Flash Drives, And Even IPad / IPhone Accessories. We Are Located in Tempe, Arizona and Ship All Over The United States These Very Unique Designed Screen Printed and Digital Printed Shirts. So, If You See A Design You Like Place An Order Today! Buy A Graphic t-shirt, or  Create Your Own By Selecting One Of Our Thousands Of Designs. You Can Find This Under Design Your Own Product and Customize Your Own Shirt. Within This You Can Upload And Image, Add Text To Your Shirt, Use Our Images, or Get Really Crazy With Your Shirt And Do All The Above. These Features Are The Perfect Tools Needed to Have The T Shirts You What For Any Occasion, Such As A Fathers Day Shirt, Christmas Sweater, Mother’s Day Embroidered Terry Velour Robe, or Even A Baseball Tournament Design. There Is No Other Better Way To Represent Your Support Than Become A Walking Billboard, Sports Team Jersey, Embroidered Business Dress Shirt, School Spirit Shirt. So Browse Our Site www.azprecisiongraphics.com and place your orders. Whatever You Need Remember That Precision Graphics Can Be There For All Your Graphic Needs With The Latest Technology In The Screen Printing, Digital,Promotional Product Industries.

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