Back to School Water Bottle with Sports Sipper Flip Straw

Back to School Water Bottle with Sports Sipper Flip Straw

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The water bottle that is stylish for school and keeps you hydrated.

Customize this 24 oz. aluminum sports bottle for your guests at your next marketing event or promotional campaign. Our bottle has a sports sipper straw with a flip cap and is ideal for staying hydrated while hiking, working out or playing sports. Just customize with an imprint and company name/ logo and hand out at your next convention or tradeshow! This product is great for your kids especially if they play sports and if they are active outside in the heat all the time.

Outdoor Bucket Cap With Adjust Cord

Outdoor Bucket Cap With Adjust Cord

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The hat that looks cool and protects you from the sun.

Outdoor Bucket Cap with Adjust Cord In one size fit all adult, Kinds of color for your choice. With the adjust cord to keep this cap tight, and a strap with drawstring closure. There are side snaps to give the hat a variety of looks; along with a showstring strap with plastic stopper closure. There are 10 rows of stitching on the brim. Add your logo to create a cool giveaway/ promotional handout; perfect for promoting your business. This cap is sure to make your next promotion a hit! Welcome your inquiry.

American Flag Neon Red Billboard Sunglasses

American Flag Neon Red Billboard Sunglasses

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The only shades that represent this country and protect your eyes.

Salute the stars and stripes in a unique way with these American flag neon red billboard sunglasses! These patriotic shades utilize proprietary high-speed technology to print on specialized vinyl material and apply tiny vision holes to the lenses so you can see clearly through the flag print. Featuring trendy black plastic frames and bright red arms, it can be customized with an imprint of your company name and logo to maximize brand exposure. What a great giveaway for July 4th celebrations, patriotic picnics, trade shows, promotional giveaways/ handouts, and so much more! What shows how American you are in fashion? The American Flag Sunglasses, these sunglasses not only protect your eyes from the sun but shows you and everyone else that you represent this country.

Camp Shirts

Camp shirts for many years have been a great source of camp spirit and unity. Having the whole camp included with a free shirt when first arriving to camp is the best way to get that spirit kick started. As the new camp attendee arrives and sees the staff along with other attendees wearing the camping shirt they are excited to be part of something special. This experience comes to me from having that awesome experience with my Boy Scout camp over the summer at Camp Geronimo in Arizona.  Starting off right away wear the cool camp T-shirt helps getting over the fear and nerviness of being way from home by fitting in to the crowd at camp by all wearing the same thing. This might sound crazy but it’s true! Such a small thing goes a long way in making this into a great experience.

On the other side the summer camp has giving out hopefully thousands of walking billboards to kids to go home and talk about how much fun they had at summer camp.  Wearing the camp shirt all year long inspires other kids to ask about the camp and want to go. This is not only a win for the kids but also for the summer camps who keeps investing in their business. T-shirts are our life at Precision Graphics located in Tempe, Arizona and for over 35 years we have been making hundreds of thousands of customers happy with their orders.  Our staff takes pride in every shirt, design, and customer experience to make sure you are 100% satisfied. Our online web department can also upload your shirts online for your camp to keep selling shirts throughout the year.

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Order your Summer Camp Shirts

T-shirts Save Lives

T-shirts Save Lives

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A t-shirt that helped find a missing person.

Missing Teenager Zack Reeves from Gilbert, AZ.  As a parent and owner of a local t shirt business what could I do to get the word out?  Full Color Direct to Garment T-Shirts with his photo were donated from my business Precision Graphics to help raise awareness on information of his whereabouts.  This Tempe T Shirt business is about supporting its community and doing what we can to help fellow Arizonans in need.

Come home safe Zack.

“Hey Bad Call Umpire”

Funny Slogans On T-Shirts About Umpires Bad Calls, Bad Umpire Calls, Umpire Shirt, Umpire Apparel, Umpire Clothing

Funny T-Shirts Slogans About Umpires Bad Calls.

Precision Graphics does all sorts of cool and funny stuff on t-shirts. For example, funny quotes that our creative staff has heard at a ball game; especially the one we heard the other day. This one was loud and clear “Put Me on a T-Shirt.” So here’s how it went the teams were in between innings and the umpire was standing behind home plate up against the backstop as one parent said to the umpire “Hey umpire I got your phone, the umpire replied; what? -as the umpire searched through his pockets for his phone and looked on the ground as if had fallen out. The parent quickly replied; yeah you missed three calls last inning.” After that comment from the parent to the umpire the umpire could not stop laughing along with everyone else around. The parent was diffidently joking with him and the umpire thought that was funny because he had never heard that one before. I believe the rest of the game the umpire made better calls. After I left that game I thought it was so funny I wanted to make it into a funny t-shirt and you can find it on our web site under Pre-Print Graphics Tees (Sports & Recreation) tab her is that link We have put it on one of our Lt. Blue 100% white beefy t-shirts. As you select other colors the tshirt will change color as well; leaving the design on the shirt. Customizing most of our product is what we offer so, if you want something extra on your umpire apparel you can add a favorite number or phrase to put on it. You can also, select the design under designs at this link and see the entire product line that this design can go on. Soft cotton shirts, yep this is what everyone wants to buy and wear; you can wear it anywhere and even sleep in it because of how soft it is. Or just click and pick your own type of t-shirt that will make you the most comfortable and stylish there are many to choose from in styles, colors, sizes, and garment decoration processes. You can have your shirt digitally printed, screen printed and embroidered. As you wear this custom printed graphic tee around the ballpark you will get a good laugh out of everyone their including umpires! Anybody can wear it, that’s what makes it so great because there are baseball fans everywhere and can relate to umpires bad call. If you like baseball then you should purchase this shirt; it’s great for people that go to the ballpark and for a lot of people who just watch baseball. When you buy from Precision Graphics once you won’t have a problem and you’ll order again. Precision Graphics has a slogan; it states “Have a Deadline? We Perform Miracles!” and with that slogan our staff is committed in always get your order done the right, done fast, and for a great price before your deadline. Precision Graphics has an expertly trained staff to get your order done to the best of our ability.

Little League All Star Uniforms

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Youth Baseball Uniforms


Well its youth little league All Star uniform season again and the pressure to perform miracles fast, on-time, done right, and most of all on budget is here. Precision Graphics has been performing these miracles for over 33 years and has continued to do so for many of little leagues across the country. Our well trained staff at Precision Graphics is extremely knowledgeable baseball uniforms and all the different kind of decorations that can be added to the uniform. For example, adding tackle twill, screen printing, Vin-flex numbers, therm o-film, embroidery, digital printing, or having a fully sublimated jerseys are the entire thing to consider when making your leagues All Stars uniform. Price plays a big roll along with time to order, check stock for a specific style jersey, and then decorate your team’s uniforms. Once the jersey has been decided upon next is the hat and the same process and due diligence applies. Many teams like to also add the players name and number embroidered to each hat as this can be worn long after the games to signify that they were chosen to be on the All Star team for that age group and year. Coaching staff is just as important of a role in that there shirts should go great with the players jerseys. Coaches generally prefer a polo shirt with custom embroidery or a performance shirt with matching team logos. Precision Graphics has done these things, and has asked the right questions to help speed up this process to ensure your delivery date is met.

Now for the process of ordering All Stars little league uniforms is a tight time frame that can mess this all up. That process is double checking to team manager’s spreadsheet to make sure that no player, coach is left off. Others steps taken are also spelling of the names if added to the jerseys and hats, sizes are correct, numbers added are correct, and the totals of the teams managers spreadsheet matches what we ordered. Just like in the game of baseball “errors will kill ya” and Precision Graphics takes all these factors into every All Star team’s uniform each season. Meeting the time deadlines from start to finish has it steps to ensure everything is correct but Precision Graphics also recognizes that this uniform more that the regular season uniform is very special for these players and coaches. A whole season of hard work and with extra flare to the All Star uniform makes this an experience that your will never forget.

Wait! Don’t forget the parents and fans that helped the player to get to and from practices and games. Where is there supporting fan swag apparel? Precision Graphics has that covered with custom FREE online web pages for all the parent and fan apparel. These pages include league logo on many items, customization name and number on shirts, hats, sweatshirts, jackets, chairs, and custom embroidered All Stars baseball bags. By having this free tool your league can have a markup on these items to help offset the All Stars expense or not. This website will help in taking those orders, collecting the money and shipping is FREE; no more hassle in parent fan orders. Precision Graphics knows how to make this whole uniform experience from the regular season to All Stars season run smooth for any league.

Tips on looking for a quality screen printer

Tips on looking for a quality screen printer

First look for a screen printing business that is a full line shop that can offer all your business graphics needs. For example, make sure the company is able to do screen printing, promotional products, embroidery and

DTG digital printing. Just as important, is having graphic design team on staff? Having this at your disposal is a huge plus in helping to keep your brand staying consistent an all your promotional advertising products and in time may save you money on unnecessary set-up fees. Time is money and this has been one of those unique talents that everyone thinks they can do to some degree; but not at 100% if not because of time, knowledge, or the cost of buy and learning the latest graphic design programs. Having all these different facets in one facility can make your business run smoother under any demand put on it to produce you graphics on a wide range of products. Over 30 Years Precision Graphics in Tempe, AZ has been one of those companies who put a strong value on making sure all these elements are in place to run smooth. Next would be a full line showroom with samples to try on; or take back to your school, committee, church or event staff. This full line showroom would include T-shirts, caps, sweatshirts, and many other apparel items in different colors, sizes, and styles.

Promotional products is one of the world fasting growing industries in part because it indicates promotional products are a highly effective addition to recruitment, retention and branding campaigns. So once again why buy Promotional Merchandise? Instant recall: More than 8 out of 10 (84%) respondents remembered the company they received the promotional products from. Longevity: More than three-quarters of people have had their promotional items for more than 6 months. This concept is just like advertiser’s who place their name and logo all over the NASCAR vehicles inside and outside. This is hours of TV advertising for a company when it’s shown on that car going around and around. Promotional items are the same in that the more times and the longer your name is in front of your potential buy the better the chances in a conversion or call back. Making sure you select the right product is very important based on company image, budget, and imprint size and location. These few things are what can make the difference in selecting a company. Having a promotional products company not knowledgeable with their products can result in your product not being a HUGE success at a trade show resulting in a lot of left over products, or a Grand Slam with the right item and everyone talking about it and your company. Finally, on this area of looking for that perfect place to have all your graphics needs done at; make sure they have thousands of promotional product samples you can see, touch, and create a mock up sample with your logo on.

In the final stage on what to look for, is the quality of work provided.  This industry is not like buy ketchup at a quick gas station mini mart vs. buying the same brand and size ketchup at a big chain superstore like Walmart where price is the most important thing. No, this industry of screen printing t-shirts, promotional advertising products and graphic design is based on getting the highest quality service on applying your company name or logo on many different types of products. If you thought everyone in this industry produces the products the same you’re WRONG; with so many different variables such as, machines, inks, and talented staff levels your product could look different from business to business. Now having said that, your company brand would not be consistent, and you would have paid for set-up fees for all your items at more than one location. Make sure that they have samples of all their work in all these areas. If only samples in one of these areas screen printing, promotional products, or embroidery they are not the experts you need or want! In conclusion, make sure full service screen printer, embroidery shop; promotional products company has all these tools to make everything you need a success!

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Custom Screen Printing

Custom Digital T-Shirt Printing, Digital T-shirt Printing Phoenix, Arizona Digital shirt printing, custom digital apparel printing

Digital T-Shirt Printing

Custom Sublimated Baseball Uniforms
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We produce your team uniform at our facility! This is what we do for a living!

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Sports Team Uniforms
We Were First To Design & Offer Sublimated Jerseys
As every season starts uniforms can be very time consuming for a team, league, or parent. Precision Graphics has a full-time on staff graphic designer who can create, design or recreate your team’s logo.  There is no cookie cutter about this! We are this industry’s leader for over 32 years. Stop in and see our 10,000 sq ft facility and full uniform and apparel showroom. Our staff is here to help make this smooth with our online web design team we can also upload your uniforms, team apparel, fan gear, and other team information on a team site. This FREE website can make your team money with its FREE merchant account to offer pants, bags, and other equipment to sell to players and families. Precision Graphics Free team apparel uniform website takes all the hassles from designing fan and parent shirts to collecting money, dispersing out the items, and any other issues. We take care of all of it.
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Badge Holders                               Laptop Bags                                       Portfolio

Hard Hats                                       IPad Cases                                         Sun Shades

Post it Notes                          IPad / IPhone Dual Charges                       Canopy / Tents

Travel Mugs                            Breast Cancer Awareness                         First Aid Kits

Ice Bags                                    Storage Containers                                  Pens

USB Flash Drives                   Double Wall Tumblers                              Lanyards

LED Flash Lights                     Trade Show Displays                               Key Chains

Draw String Bags                        Hand Sanitizer                                      Custom T-Shirts

Custom Embroidery               Cell Phone Megaphone                             Decals

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Sublimated Team Uniforms
Sublimated Jersey
Sublimated Jersey
Precision Graphics, we let our finished product speak for itself.
We specialize in Full-Sublimation printing on custom jerseys with top of the line material.  We can customize club ball sports team jerseys from top to bottom just the way you want. With full custom graphics, names & numbers, and many other cool designs.
Our material is 100% Polyester.  It’s a circular knit polyester micro fiber, wicking, prewash and anti-microbial finish.  This material will keep you cool during those times the temperature reaches the highs.
League Uniforms with name & numbers Added
League Uniforms With Name & Numbers Added
League Uniforms
Precision Graphics provides custom screen printed in house at our 10,000 sq ft facility. We can add your sponsor’s name and number in matching team colors across the back. Our graphic design department can create a cool new font for this customization or a sponsor’s logo. Remember Precision Graphics has a whole team here to help make sure your league’s uniforms are a success.
Let Us Design Your Next Team Uniform
Custom 3D Puff Embroidery Hats
Custom 3D Embroidery Caps
Hats today are a huge piece of fashion and badge of team honor. Here at Precision Graphics, we offer a range of hats including beanies, baseball hats, and visors. Sure, there are many places to go and buy a hat, but Precision Graphics has been in this industry as a leader for over 32 years; creatively design and production unique team apparel
Baseball Pants
Baseball Pants
Many Styles & Colors
Baseball pants come in a wide variety of sizes, colors, styles and Precision Graphics can help. If your player, team or league is in need of affordable baseball pants let our staff for over 32 years help you out. Pinstripe baseball pants are our top sellers along with many of our Majestic Athletic, Easton Baseball, and Mizuno Baseball pants. Precision Graphics is also here to help with your entire uniform; from players, coaches, and parents fan wear apparel.
Baseball Belts
Available In Many Colors
Heavy-duty stretch elastic webbing* Matching color embossed vinyl tabs and slider for adjustability* Nickel-finished hardware* Youth width 1-1/4. Also available in Adult,
Baseball Socks
Available In Many Colors
38% nylon/31% cotton/16% acrylic/7% polyester/5% elastic/3% spandex* Knee-length sock with fold-down cuff* Cushioned toe sole and heel* Ankle and arch support* Knit-in heel and toe. Also available in Adult, and Youth
Helmet Team Decals
For your team. Every Team Order 12 or More Players. Receive One Helmet Decal for each Player
Promo Code:  PGBaseball2013
Offer Expires: 1-1-2014

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We Sell Over 750,000 Promotional Products & Apparel With Your Company Name, Team Sports Logo, or Family Reunion Shirts. We Offer Volume Discounts, League Discounts, and Our Vender Discounts Back To You!  We Are Excited To Work On Any Project You Have Small or Large. Call Today and Ask About Specials On Products You Would Like To Order.