GrandStand (TM) Desk Tablet Stand

GrandStand (TM) Desk Tablet Stand

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An item to keep you well entertained at the same time hearing it loud and clear.

The GrandStand is a sturdy stand for all tablet computers, Galaxy Tab, Microsoft Surface, Kindle Fire, and e-readers or phones. Boosts your tunes up to 140% (5dB) by redirecting sound from back-facing speakers forward toward the user. No external power necessary. Two viewing angles to avoid glare from overhead lights. Remarkable and unique spherical design. Non-skid rubber feet provide exceptional stability, and keep the GrandStand from sliding. Dock slot and cord management hole so you can charge your tablet while on the GrandStand. Brilliant full color Fireglaze graphics on the front make your brand or promo always visible while in use. This item is not only good for trade shows and promotional handouts but for family gifts for possibly one of your older relatives because it is so simple to manage and it improves the volume so you can hear everything better!

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