Custom Printed Pop Up Outdoor Event Tent-Full

Custom Printed Pop Up Outdoor Event Tent-Full

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This tent shades you from the sun!

Custom Printed Pop Up Outdoor Event Tent-Full. We offer promotional tents/popup canopies with imprinted logo graphics. Personalize your canopy / tent with unique graphics. We can custom make these printed canopies, pop ups or tents with logos for any outdoor event. Our custom printed popup canopies are perfect for advertising. Our printed shade tents are perfect for you! They are also great for outdoor parties, sport games, business events, and tradeshows outdoors.

Syn Adjustable Outdoor Graphic Banner

Syn Adjustable Outdoor Banner with 24×63 Graphic

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Outdoor Graphic Banner that you can promote your business anywhere!

Promo Pop Up Tradeshow Display; Promo Retractable Banner; Promo Banner. This banner is great for outdoor events because it can display anything you want on it. Also because of its size and how colorful it may be, it can be seen from a great distance. This banner is designable so you can but anything you would like on it. You may want to put your company’s logo, a product, or your child’s birthday celebration design. It is big and colorful so you will have no problem getting your message out to the public. This product if used for business purposes will attract more people to your business and give you more business.

Wedding Day Countdown Timer

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A countdown that will change your life.

Help brides build excitement to the big day with an Original Timeflyz Wedding Day Countdown Timer. This credit card sized refrigerator magnet features a built in desk stand, custom 4 color printing and 1.5v button cell battery for long lasting promotional appeal. Timer easily adjusts to any day up to 999 days out. This fun promotional product is the perfect ‘thank you’ to any business in bridal services: gift registry boutiques and retailers, dress designers, tuxedo rental, cake decorators, and wedding planners. This product is great because it countdowns to your special date.

Custom Printed Curved Tabletop

Custom Printed Curved Tabletop

Trade show and Event Display Tube, 8 Ft. Curve Tabletop-Double advertisements. Our tubular systems are a great alternative to standard back wall displays. Because it gives the back wall life and doesn’t make your show room boring. Depending on what your curved table looks like it can light up the whole room. The full digital printed graphic display is ideal for indoor or outdoor booths, it is light weight and displays your company logo and any sale promotions you might have. Imprint size is 98” x 60” of fully colored graphics. One of the most popular features about this product is that it is a great item for trade shows.

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This item is great for spicing up your show room.

Custom Printed Yoga Mat

Custom Printed Yoga Mat

Okay guys we all know that you will probably only use this once in your lifetime; probably on at Saturday morning at 7:30 with your wife in her yoga class. But you’ll be glad you had this instead of the floor. But ladies this product is great because I wouldn’t think any of you would want a pulled or torn muscle. This product can help with preventing that, because if you have an illness called “scared of being on the ground and getting dirty” this product is great for you. It keeps you off the ground and clean with nice stretched muscles. This mat comes in many assorted colors of your preference. This item is great for business events, tradeshows, and event handouts. It is also a good gift for your family members and lovers.

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A Yoga Mat to keep you off of the ground and perfectly stretched.

Helmet-Liner Face Mask

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Helmet Face Mask protecting you from the harsh weathers of nature.

Custom Protective Face Mask

Force (TM) helmet-liner mask, 92% polyester/8% spandex blend with fleeced interior for comfort and warmth. Carhartt Force (R) fabric fights odors and its FastDry (R) technology wicks away sweat for comfort. Full-facial protection that extends below the neckline. Face mask pulls down below the chin when not needed. Flat-seam construction enhances comfort. Carhartt logo printed on front. Carhartt Force (R) logo printed on back. This Force Helmet-Liner Mask protects you from a bunch of different things. I’m so glad I had this item when I went snowboarding, fishing, and just being out in the sun or snow all day long. Thanks to this product I do not have any skin cancer. This product protects your face from the harsh weather nature throws at you. Make sure you have one of these items to decrease your chance of cancer and increase the time of your life. This item also comes in a bunch of colors to fit your preference. This product is also great for trade shows, business handouts, and events.

Event Bouncing Light Up Balls

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Glowing ball school giveaway


Light Up Custom Printed Bouncy Balls

The blue glow in the dark bouncing balls will provide hours of glow in the dark entertainment! Each ball measures approximately 1.5 inches in diameter, and they glow 1 time, for 6+ hours. Each package includes 2 balls and 2 glow sticks (1.5 inches long each); to activate the item, simply snap and shake the glow stick, and then insert it into the ball. Each box includes 1 package (2 balls). Have you ever been in a store and your kids are just making a scene by screaming and yelling? Believe me I have. I wish I had this amazing item in my hands at that exact moment because it would’ve stopped all of the commotion, and I would have saved the embarrassment for another time. What makes this product so great is that it can occupy kids for the longest time, because it has a cool bright flashing light on the inside every time you bounce it. This can also be a great item for a business promotional handout event because you can put your company’s name or logo on the outside of the bouncy ball. This ball also comes in many different colors like blue, green, pink, and red.