Screen printing in Phoenix biggest question. Why do companies get some orders, and lose out on others?

Starting over 34 years ago Precision Graphics has seen their fair share of screen printing in Phoenix quotes that have come and gone with no order. The question they face is why? Why did they lose that potential order worth hundreds or thousands of dollars? What was the customers ultimate reason for not ordering; location and apparel clothing showroom not available, delivery time not going to be met, sales person was not knowledgeable about shirts styles and screen printing, or was it the quality of producing the final price of screen printing in Phoenix those custom t-shirts? All of these questions lead the owners and sales team of Precision Graphics to ask those questions today.

Let’s start by talking about the location and whether there is an adequate showroom of apparel to see, touch, and try on as customers today are concerned with the way articles of clothing fit their bodies. In many insistence’s, screen printing companies have a duty to their customers to be current and up to date with their apparel samples and in doing so, the sale will be closed much easier. Changing out old and worn out dated samples that no longer exist make the sales team and customer both work on products that they both can actually sell and buy equaling less confusion. Building a great business relationship with the shirt manufacture as Precision Graphics has done will ensure them that the samples of apparel that they sell will be current and not outdated.

Next is the order lost in the time taken in producing the custom screen printed t-shirt, sweatshirt, or any other apparel clothing. Arizona screen printing heat can produce other factors, like in other climates can play a different factor. This question can be a tough one to answer as the customer’s time deadline might be not reachable by the following factors. T-shirt artwork is will take too long if graphic designer is not on-staff, blank apparel and shirts wouldn’t be ordered and delivered to produce in a fast enough time, production just can’t get the job into production fast enough without bumping other orders making repeat customers mad, or the screen printing apparel order is to large or small for the equipment that the shop has to get it done on-time and efficient. All of these questions have real hard felt answers for many size screen printing shops today. Staying diversified with the screen printing shop equipment is how Precision Graphics gets orders of large and small sizes. “Have a deadline?” “We perform miracles!” is a slogan Precision Graphics has had and carries true for every order they take.

Any good sales team’s knows that vast detail product knowledge is a huge key factor in converting the potential order to a sale. In the t-shirt industry that knowledge is just as important from the smallest product detail such as 100% cotton shirts vs. 50/50 cotton and polyester shirts is one of thousands of deciding factors in a comfort level. Customers need to feel conformable making a sales decision with the sale persons who can answer to their questions on all products including the screen printing process that relates to decorating those products. Precision Graphics has had 34 years of this experience in training their staff on all the latest and great apparel fabrics from performance fabrics to fitness compression materials. Screen printing high quality, long-lasting, screen printing prints is the trick with each new combinations of fabric materials that comes out each year.

In finally, Precision Graphics over 34 years ago and still today continue to work on all the above aspect to earn, keep, and continue to grow with an ever-changing industry. The sale of t-shirts has changed with the completion level growing larger and larger each year with the demands of the customer to advance their buying purchases faster and faster with the internet and online custom t-shirt ordering. Some orders are just lost on the pure fact that these steps not being used; while other orders are obtained by using these steps. Keeping focused on what might seem like little thing as these small steps to help any screen printing company maintain and grow their business each year.

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Julie Breazeale


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