“Hey Bad Call Umpire”

Funny Slogans On T-Shirts About Umpires Bad Calls, Bad Umpire Calls, Umpire Shirt, Umpire Apparel, Umpire Clothing

Funny T-Shirts Slogans About Umpires Bad Calls.

Precision Graphics does all sorts of cool and funny stuff on t-shirts. For example, funny quotes that our creative staff has heard at a ball game; especially the one we heard the other day. This one was loud and clear “Put Me on a T-Shirt.” So here’s how it went the teams were in between innings and the umpire was standing behind home plate up against the backstop as one parent said to the umpire “Hey umpire I got your phone, the umpire replied; what? -as the umpire searched through his pockets for his phone and looked on the ground as if had fallen out. The parent quickly replied; yeah you missed three calls last inning.” After that comment from the parent to the umpire the umpire could not stop laughing along with everyone else around. The parent was diffidently joking with him and the umpire thought that was funny because he had never heard that one before. I believe the rest of the game the umpire made better calls. After I left that game I thought it was so funny I wanted to make it into a funny t-shirt and you can find it on our web site under Pre-Print Graphics Tees (Sports & Recreation) tab her is that link http://goo.gl/5FLmiu We have put it on one of our Lt. Blue 100% white beefy t-shirts. As you select other colors the tshirt will change color as well; leaving the design on the shirt. Customizing most of our product is what we offer so, if you want something extra on your umpire apparel you can add a favorite number or phrase to put on it. You can also, select the design under designs at this link http://goo.gl/uxn5vN and see the entire product line that this design can go on. Soft cotton shirts, yep this is what everyone wants to buy and wear; you can wear it anywhere and even sleep in it because of how soft it is. Or just click and pick your own type of t-shirt that will make you the most comfortable and stylish there are many to choose from in styles, colors, sizes, and garment decoration processes. You can have your shirt digitally printed, screen printed and embroidered. As you wear this custom printed graphic tee around the ballpark you will get a good laugh out of everyone their including umpires! Anybody can wear it, that’s what makes it so great because there are baseball fans everywhere and can relate to umpires bad call. If you like baseball then you should purchase this shirt; it’s great for people that go to the ballpark and for a lot of people who just watch baseball. When you buy from Precision Graphics once you won’t have a problem and you’ll order again. Precision Graphics has a slogan; it states “Have a Deadline? We Perform Miracles!” and with that slogan our staff is committed in always get your order done the right, done fast, and for a great price before your deadline. Precision Graphics has an expertly trained staff to get your order done to the best of our ability.

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