The Insider’s Guide to Order Custom Table Covers

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Custom Table Cloth Covers

Straight from an expert with over 32 years in the promotional products, screen printing, and embroidery industries. I get calls all the time where people are looking to buy table cloths.  I hear, I need one for a trade show or a convention next week.  There are a lot of factors that go into buying a table cover.  First, you must decide what size of table you are going to use this table cover for.  6 Foot, 8 Foot, sometimes 6 and other times 8.  There’s your first decision.  If you use an 8 foot this time then next time you would need a 6 foot, consider a convertible 8 foot table cover.  It fits an 8 foot to begin with then can be pinned down to fit a 6 foot later.  Also, decide if you want the table cover to be 4 sided or 3 sided.  Sometimes people like the backs to be open (3 sided) because they are always sitting and want to put their legs under the table. Next decide if you want a solid table cover with an imprint only on the front or if you would like a full color imprint.  Lastly, decide if you want your table cover to look fitted or just drape over the table.  Once you come up with all your answers, you are ready to make your table cover purchase at