Tips on looking for a quality screen printer

Tips on looking for a quality screen printer

First look for a screen printing business that is a full line shop that can offer all your business graphics needs. For example, make sure the company is able to do screen printing, promotional products, embroidery and

DTG digital printing. Just as important, is having graphic design team on staff? Having this at your disposal is a huge plus in helping to keep your brand staying consistent an all your promotional advertising products and in time may save you money on unnecessary set-up fees. Time is money and this has been one of those unique talents that everyone thinks they can do to some degree; but not at 100% if not because of time, knowledge, or the cost of buy and learning the latest graphic design programs. Having all these different facets in one facility can make your business run smoother under any demand put on it to produce you graphics on a wide range of products. Over 30 Years Precision Graphics in Tempe, AZ has been one of those companies who put a strong value on making sure all these elements are in place to run smooth. Next would be a full line showroom with samples to try on; or take back to your school, committee, church or event staff. This full line showroom would include T-shirts, caps, sweatshirts, and many other apparel items in different colors, sizes, and styles.

Promotional products is one of the world fasting growing industries in part because it indicates promotional products are a highly effective addition to recruitment, retention and branding campaigns. So once again why buy Promotional Merchandise? Instant recall: More than 8 out of 10 (84%) respondents remembered the company they received the promotional products from. Longevity: More than three-quarters of people have had their promotional items for more than 6 months. This concept is just like advertiser’s who place their name and logo all over the NASCAR vehicles inside and outside. This is hours of TV advertising for a company when it’s shown on that car going around and around. Promotional items are the same in that the more times and the longer your name is in front of your potential buy the better the chances in a conversion or call back. Making sure you select the right product is very important based on company image, budget, and imprint size and location. These few things are what can make the difference in selecting a company. Having a promotional products company not knowledgeable with their products can result in your product not being a HUGE success at a trade show resulting in a lot of left over products, or a Grand Slam with the right item and everyone talking about it and your company. Finally, on this area of looking for that perfect place to have all your graphics needs done at; make sure they have thousands of promotional product samples you can see, touch, and create a mock up sample with your logo on.

In the final stage on what to look for, is the quality of work provided.  This industry is not like buy ketchup at a quick gas station mini mart vs. buying the same brand and size ketchup at a big chain superstore like Walmart where price is the most important thing. No, this industry of screen printing t-shirts, promotional advertising products and graphic design is based on getting the highest quality service on applying your company name or logo on many different types of products. If you thought everyone in this industry produces the products the same you’re WRONG; with so many different variables such as, machines, inks, and talented staff levels your product could look different from business to business. Now having said that, your company brand would not be consistent, and you would have paid for set-up fees for all your items at more than one location. Make sure that they have samples of all their work in all these areas. If only samples in one of these areas screen printing, promotional products, or embroidery they are not the experts you need or want! In conclusion, make sure full service screen printer, embroidery shop; promotional products company has all these tools to make everything you need a success!

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People often ask them in the face for eight hours while they are sitting at their desk.

I walked out to my showroom two days ago and began searching for the perfect promotional item that I would use and stare back at me the ten hours I spend at  my desk.  I came up with this cell phone lounger.  I placed my iphone 5 in the cradle and left it there all day.  I found myself enjoying the idea that when I received a call I didn’t have to tilt it to see who was calling me or to see what time it was.  Now that my iphone has its place on my desk I will never wonder under which stack of papers it’s hiding.  This promotional product called the cell phone lounger that we offer at Precision Graphics will never leave my desk.  It’s a permanent desk accessory in my office. Precision Graphics has been selling great  unique promotional products in phoenix and nationwide for over 30 years. From our friendly sales staff that are well trained in promotional products, screen printing, digital printing and embroidery; to our creative graphic design team we can made your product just the way you want it and when you need it. Remember when choosing your next promotional marketing item keeping your company name, school name, or yearly event in front of your customers is exactly what needs to happen in the multi-media world.