Window Sun Shade

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Window Sun Shade

for car dealerships, this sun shade is made from light, reflective material to
keep the automobile cool. Easy to open and install, it’s held in place with the
automobile’s sun visor. Pops open and folds easily into a carry pouch for easy
storage when not in use. A great way to build brand awareness whether displayed
on a college campus or office complex. Choose the color that suits your
business needs and hand out to new hires! This product is so great because it
can fold up to a small circle that can fit in between your chair in your car.
You can have a logo on your window shade to promote business. Also this product
is great for keeping your car cool by shading the seats. This product is quick
and easy to set up and take down so it’s not a hassle. This item is so great it
sets up in less than 10 seconds. So if you like your seats being cool

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