Calendar Clock

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amazing calendar clock

Retro design desktop analog clock features a calendar window flip-style date display. Works with a classic push button mechanism. Has a second hand. Uses 1 AA battery (not included).  The calendar clock is light and portable to take on trips and business trips to where ever you go. It’s great for business handouts because you can have your logo on it so your customers will remember where he/she got it. Every morning your customer wakes up and they will see it on the side of their bed with the time, date, and the company’s logo on it. The company logo on this clock will be a continuous reminder everyday with your company’s name on it. This is sure, to be a on going sales with this customer for many years. This product is great because instead of buying that heavy clock just buy this light weight portable calendar clock. You won’t need to buy a paper calendar every year because this calendar will last you many years. This promotional item can be used for work when you need a clock to see what time you have your brakes, lunch, or when you need to go home.

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