Stay Germ Free With Hand Sanitizer Spray

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Hand Sanitizer Spray

This great spray comes in a convenient Keep your hands clean and healthy fast with our Hand.33 oz. spray pump that is non-refillable. Shaped like a pen, this item is easily stored in any purse, backpack, pocket, or briefcase. This FDA compliant spray features a Summer Breeze scent. A great promotional item for pediatricians, this sanitizer comes with a label imprinted with a full color process of your logo or message. What I like so much about this product is that it keeps me clean whenever I spray it and I can take it anywhere because it is very mobile. I always have one in my car because whenever I go to go meet someone after shaking their hand and touching things I always spray it on myself. Also after getting gas at the gas station I always spray it on my hands because the gas pump handles are very filthy. The benefits of having this product is that it cleans anything that it goes on and on the side of the 8mL bottle it can have any design or logo you want on it. The reason why you should buy this product is that if you are a real germaphobe you can spray this whenever you want and you wouldn’t have to worry about getting dirty anymore. So if you or your company is in charge of ordering promotional merchandise I would highly suggest ordering this long lasting product that is very useful to use and would keep your company name in front of people for a long time.

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