Solar iPhone Charger

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iphone solar charger accessory

Solar iPhone charger. Perfect solution for charging an iPhone when you are out with this portable mobile power station battery charger with solar panel. Compact and lightweight battery for daily use. Get this long-lasting iPhone 3G power station for maximum talk time. This is a mobile power station for recharging your iPhone and iPod in a convenient way. Indicator light lets you know that your iPod or iPhone is being charged. This Solar iPhone Charger is one of many great products that you can handout for businesses, and meetings! This is a good tradeshow handout because you can have your company logo on it so they will remember you later on! I love this product because whenever me and my family go out of town and all of the car chargers are getting use by my kids. I just grab my Solar iPhone Charger and put my phone up against the window and let it do its magic. This product has many useful qualities, like when you’re at your kids sports and your sitting down working on your phone and your battery is going low just pull out the Solar iPhone Charger plug it into your phone and go right back to work. Don’t be worried about it taking your battery down it would be just bringing it up by taking the energy from the sun.

Mini Rechargeable MP3 Speaker

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Mobile Speaker

Apple shaped rechargeable MP3 speaker. ABS and metal. Compatible with iPhone, iPad,  iPod and Blackberry, mp3 players, laptops or anything with a 3.5 mm jack. Built-in Li-on rechargeable battery. USB adaptor and audio cable. Metal keychain hook to play music on the go. Instructions included. Exceptional sound quality. This product comes in many colors Black, Royal Blue, Red, Sliver, White, and Lime Green. This product is very cool because of all the different colors and it’s portable so you can take it to parties, walks, and you can use it in your workout room. This is a high end promotional product that can be handed out at trade shows, that is sure for people to remember you later on in the future. The other thing is this promotional product is great promotional items for any businesses to handout make sure that they get this long-lasting keychain speaker that every customer is going to enjoy! But of all the amazing things about this speaker is that it is very loud and has amazing base! This product has a switch so you can turn it on or off to save your battery usage on both your phone and speaker.

Stylus Pen

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Ipad Stylus Pen

Handy stylus pen features a stylus for use on touch screens (i.e. smartphones, iPads, tablets, E-readers, etc). Twist-action ballpoint pen with black ink. Packed in individual poly bag. What makes this pen so magnificent is that it is a ball point pen that you can also use to type and do other cool features with on your phone. The first time I ever used this stylus pen, I fell in love with it. I couldn’t believe how great it could write and it also just felt so good in my hand when I was writing. This pen doesn’t only feel good in your hand it is long lasting pen that can write on anything. This pen isn’t too big and it’s not too small it’s just right. The stylus pen can come in many colors including black, blue, green, red, silver; also it can have anything you want on the side of it whether it is a company name, or a design. The stylus pen is great to have at work because they are long lasting and they are meant for a long time of writing.


Amazing Sports Bottle

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Sports Water Bottle

Sports Bottle     

Polycarbonate flare sports water bottle, 34 oz. Great giveaways for sporting events, special gifts, and much more! One thing I like the most about the Polycarbonate flare sports water bottle is that it is way better than your average water bottle because you can fill it up multiple times and it doesn’t brake as easily like other water bottles. I gave both my husband and son a sports bottle so they can stay hydrated at the gym while they are working out. My son also uses his for sports and my husband takes his to work every day. When my husband came home from work he told me that the sports bottle. It was the best water bottle that he has ever had because when he dropped it getting out of the car it didn’t break, scratch, or dent! Then the next day he walked into the his office and went right to his desk and sat in his chair then his boss walked in his office to asked him where he got that sports water bottle with the company’s logo on it? Then he said I got this sports water bottle from Precision Graphics it’s called Polycarbonate Flare Sports Water Bottle.

The Perfect Desk Set Piece

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Marble Newton’s cradle

Marble Newton’s cradle

This classic work companion is constructed out of marble, giving it an especially appealing look. Pull one ball and let it fall back against the others. The energy will transfer to make the ball on the opposite end swing. Makes a great gift for friends, family, and co-workers of all ages. It may also be given as a token of appreciation to valued clients and potential customers. May be customized with a company name or purchased without imprint. The first time I ever saw this product I just looked at it and thought nothing of it until now. I went to work and I was given Newton’s cradle for employee of the month, my boss said I was always nice to the customers and I was an outgoing person all around. Newton’s cradle is a great gift to have because it is a fun little toy to play with whenever and wherever you want. You don’t need to be any certain age to play with this product because it is totally kid safe and it is just a fun item to have. It is a total package for any desk set, and the strings are tied tightly for a long lasting time for enjoyment. For any corporation this is a great reward for an employee as a desk piece.  

Stay Germ Free With Hand Sanitizer Spray

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Hand Sanitizer Spray

This great spray comes in a convenient Keep your hands clean and healthy fast with our Hand.33 oz. spray pump that is non-refillable. Shaped like a pen, this item is easily stored in any purse, backpack, pocket, or briefcase. This FDA compliant spray features a Summer Breeze scent. A great promotional item for pediatricians, this sanitizer comes with a label imprinted with a full color process of your logo or message. What I like so much about this product is that it keeps me clean whenever I spray it and I can take it anywhere because it is very mobile. I always have one in my car because whenever I go to go meet someone after shaking their hand and touching things I always spray it on myself. Also after getting gas at the gas station I always spray it on my hands because the gas pump handles are very filthy. The benefits of having this product is that it cleans anything that it goes on and on the side of the 8mL bottle it can have any design or logo you want on it. The reason why you should buy this product is that if you are a real germaphobe you can spray this whenever you want and you wouldn’t have to worry about getting dirty anymore. So if you or your company is in charge of ordering promotional merchandise I would highly suggest ordering this long lasting product that is very useful to use and would keep your company name in front of people for a long time.

Protect Your Eyes With Polarized Sunglasses

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Polarized Sunglasses

Kingpin Polarized sunglasses with satin black/smoke frame and flash blue sport mirror lenses. UV and glare protection that virtually eliminates all glare. Designed to provide maximum comfort and an ergonomic fit. Includes microfiber case. The best thing about Kingpin Polarized Sunglasses is that they are very comfortable because it blocks the sun so it won’t interfere you when you are driving home from work. If you own a business or you know someone who owns a business tell him/her about this promotional product. In my opinion we should hand these sunglasses out to our employees and customers. So they could test them out for themselves and to see all of the amazing features that we have put into the Kingpin Polarized Sunglasses. The Kingpin Polarized Sunglasses can come in many colors! I personally like the Polarized the most because I really block’s the sun and all the glares.

Boy Scout Summer Camp Shirts

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Camp Raymond

Camp Raymond and the Grand Canyon Council will provide your Scouts the greatest adventure of their Scouting experience. Camp Raymond, located between the Kaibab and Coconino National Forests, is only 30 miles from downtown Flagstaff, and is surrounded by some of the most beautiful terrain in Arizona.

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From the east meadow, the morning view of the majestic San Francisco Peaks is glorious, and often times the peaks are still covered with snow. Watch elk, pronghorn antelope, and deer graze as your day begins, then enjoy the 160+ acres of Camp Raymond with an adventure program that your Scouts will not soon forget.

Camp Raymond has 15 wonderful campsites, each with a capacity of at least 30 Scouts. Our program provides a swimming pool, handicraft ramada, full shooting sports, including shotgun shooting, Scoutcraft ramada, a great C.O.P.E. course, and a wonderful commissioner service! Special programs are available for every age Scout from 11 to 18. We promise you, your Scouts can`t get bored! Troops may eat at the central dining ramada or supply their own meals. Either way there is nothing like eating outside in this beautiful setting.

For our campers, each campsite is equipped with water, a wash stand, latrine, a cooking area, and picnic tables. Scouts need to bring their own tents and any other equipment they would like to have. Also included in each campsite is a flag pole for central troop programs. All program areas are close to most campsites making access fairly easy for all Scouts at camp.

Finally, since we are nestled on the most northern tip of the northland`s Sycamore Canyon, Camp Raymond offers some prime hiking opportunities that you can`t find at other camps. We offer trail hikes from 2 to 12 miles. Your troop will have a great time on an overnight experience, something you don’t want to miss!

You just don`t want to miss it. The Camp Raymond Adventure provides the best Scouting has to offer in the pines of Northern Arizona.

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Camp Raymond Designs

Slim Carabineer Flashlight

Slim carabiner flashlight. Metal  flashlight, powerful & bright. Twist to light, one white illuminated with powerful LED, carabiner clip. Clip to backpacks, bags or belts. Batteries included. This product can really help you in life. Like camping, hiking or fun with friend. Also walking out to their cars late at night whether it be from work or school you could use your slim carabiner flashlight to see the lock on your door. When your power goes out, or if you need to read a sign or menu in a dimly-lit room that is a perfect reason you might need this product when it’s dark!

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Slim Carabiner Flashlight

Jumbo Sticky Note Keeper

Make a big impression at your next special event with this huge jumbo sticky note keeper! This leatherette sticky note keeper comes complete with eight colors of sticky flags orange, green, pink, blue, red, yellow, purple, and dark pink (200 each) and two sizes of

sticky notes (200 each). For added convenience and usability this item also contains a 2 year replaceable calendar. Have your company name or a logo imprinted, then hand them out at the next trade show you attend!

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This item can be used when you are going on a vacation by showing your events for those dates.  Precision Graphics can fully customize this item and many more promotional items for your office. Shop today on our online website for all your promotional merchandise.