Boy Scout Survival Knife With Fire Starter

knife, survival knife, fire starter, boy scout, boy scout knife

11″ Hunting Survival knife

What is so amazing about this knife? This hunting knife is a great survival product for whenever you’re in the woods or somewhere without resources like a match or rocks you could use this knife because it comes with a fire starter. Many knives are promotional products and not for this kind of use. The  Stainless steel blade and handle in gray silver is also great for other purposes like sharpening sticks, survival, cutting branches, and also it could be great for a Boy Scout troop/summer camp. This knife has some attachments like a fire starter, shoe lase grip, and even a holster. The quality of this knife could last you lifetimes along with its heavy-duty webbed sheath. You will be confident with our 100% guarantee. Some characteristics about this knife is that it’s stainless steel, and it has a “5” inch blade.

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