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Graphic Design Tshirts

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Old School Files


Holiday season is here and we at Precision Graphics are doing what we can to make orders go as smoothly as possible. Lots of times people ask me,what is the best file format to send a graphic? I always respond in order of preference. Illustrator ai file, fonts to outlines. The next would be pdf, then high res tif then after that give me what you have such as a jpg, gif, hand drawing etc. Vector files are always best. You can take something that is saved 3″ x 3″ and increase it to 12″x12″ and still maintain clarity. You need to be able to do that especially with screen printing on t shirts. The more crisp the artwork is, the better the output. People will tell me, I have electronic files of my artwork. What I receive via email is jpg save at 72 dpi. Which means at 2″x2″ it is clear, but when I blow it up, it looks like a blurry mess. We cannot use those files when printing on promotional merchandise or screen printing on t-shirts. We need the best artwork from the beginning. So, if you are thinking about having screen printing on tshirts done or having your logo put on some mugs, just remember, send me your highest resolution graphic as possible.

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