Holiday Promotional Product

The coolest promotional product I’ve seen that has the most practical use.

For those of you who now have one of those smart phones, droid,  Apple Iphone etc.  you must check out this product.  I recently bought a new Iphone 5 cell phone.  It came with a cord with a USB attachment on one end and on the other end, there is a little plug that fits into my cell phone to charge it.  It also came with a wall plug in to which I can insert my USB end to charge my phone.  However, if I want charge my cell phone in my car I needed to buy this $25 charger for my car.  It contains 1 USB plug with barely enough voltage to charge my cell phone in a matter of 2 hours being plugged in the car.  What a pain.

Dual USB Media Charger, Ipad Charger, Iphone 5 Charger, Online Shopping, Online Specials

Dual USB Media Charger

I received a promotion via email.  It was for a car charger which has 2 USB ports.  One port is for your smart phone while the other is for your Ipad.  What an amazing idea for a promotional product.  Each port has a separate voltage capable of charging both items at the same time.  All this for about $6 each with your company logo printed on it.  I was at Home Depot the other day and I saw one of these for about $13.

I thought to myself, no way could this work.  So, I ordered six samples.  I figured I would put one in the front seat of my car and one in the back for the kids.  One for my husband’s truck and one for a friend to try.  Guess what?  It worked amazing!  I love this thing.  It charged my Iphone 5 in about 20 minutes from dead while charging my Ipad.  I would not trade this thing for anything.  I love this promotional product from Precision Graphics.  I think I might use it for a promotional product for Christmas for my business.  It’s just technology that can be useful, promote your business and be something someone will keep around for time to come.

That is the coolest promotional product in Phoenix from Precision Graphics that I’ve seen in a very long time.

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Emergency cell phone portable charger

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