Graphic Designer Secrets!

Best files to get your art looking the way you want.

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Art files come in a variety of sizes, and types. I’m here today to pass along some info about art files that will benefit you, your finished product, and me your designer. These following recommended files and not so recommended files will insure that you get the results you desire when it comes to your men’s woven dress shirt, or promotional product such as, custom retractable badge holder.

There are a few files that I recommend that would save a lot of time and make the process move along smoothly. These files include Adobe Illustrator files (.ai, .eps) , Photoshop files (.psd), and Hi-Resolution JPGs, or TIFFs(150 dpi and above). I also recommend getting the font names of all your text.

These next files are time consuming and a bit of a challenge to work with, although I can make them work, just not as smoothly. These include Word Document files(.doc), Powerpoint files(.ppt), small GIFs, PNGs, and JPGs. I understand not everyone has access to the recommended files or may not have the info on saving these files, but I am always here to help and get the art you need to make your products look their best.

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